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For smile, i took a simple picture of my mario poster, because no matter how many times his princess is in another castle he is always smiling. I took this with my sony cybershot on auto setting, but messed with the lights in my room. -Lane S.


Say cheese =)

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” Took this photo after experimenting with my Supper ! First I made white cheddar macaroni, put it in a dish, with parmasion, cheese and ketchup on top!” When it was finished baking in the oven I cooled it down till the cheese got hard vut it like a pizza and ate it!!! And boy was it delicious!” – Cheese I know!

Who’s got the ball?!?

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“Time is short, so play your game!”

Photo shot with the same camera i always use the fujifilm one!  I took this during the Amazon’s warrior game and Mrs. Cowell is my proof that I took the photo! And I didn’t post one of my sister cause I knew she wouldn’t let me! Thats all I really got to say!

smile with your eyes

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to make this picture, I took two photos with my fujifilm xp15 and combined them on photoshop. I was thinking that in books and stuff people say you smile with your eyes so I made an eye with a smile in it.


Favorite Shot KC

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Swept of her feet. <3

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So, I took this picture with my Nikon D3100, and just used the self timer. I changed it to black and white, and added the words and the viniette on picnik, first time I've used it, but was kinda fun. I just went with natural lighting for this, and wanted a plain background so the feet would pop more, and since I wasn't using anything fancy for aperture or shutter speed.

~Katie Anderson

Unforgettable Day

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These pictures were taken last December 28, 2010 on our family friends’ wedding day and some during last Christmas and New year. I used my Sony cyber-shot in all the pictures with ISO settings or sometimes Program auto for indoors and Easy shooting for outdoors.  I was moved by their love story that I decided I would make a college for them. It was actually love at first sight when they were still in high school but then separated through time. Ironically they ended up marrying each other when both of them met again here in Canada. What a coincidence!

-Runette Tiunayan